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Sunday, September 21, 2008

something new?

thinking about something new as i delve more into photography.
love this simple layout.
photos might be accompanied by my interpretation of a haiku.
haven't written those since grammar school.
the quiet in a haiku is soothing.
i am generally quiet.
not sure about the name as i like to do other things, too.
i am sure of being shy.
should i do this on quaint?
two blogs is a lot to keep going and i also have one at work.
scott might freak out as i also have flickr.
i'm concerned
my photos won't be taken seriously since quaint is about fun.

please let me know what you think.


  1. I would enjoy posts like this on quaint handmade...your blog is lovely!

  2. I can understand your want/need to do it separately. Perhaps it's only for a time while you figure out what you want to say and show. When you've got your bearings, it will be part of your everyday- perhaps bringing you back to Quaint full time. Looking forward to what you'll share.

  3. might be nice for you to have your own thing?

  4. i think its a lovely idea.
    if it were me, i would likely go with two separate blogs.
    just remember, its about you...whether you post a photo once a day or once a week it doesnt matter. as long as you enjoy doing it!

  5. Sounds like a great idea. I've always pondered to have 2 blogs, but I think you could put these two together. Either way you know we would read! Can't wait to see what you come up with...oh the loveliness :)

  6. I love this, Cindy! Sometimes it's nice to have a fresh, clean start for a new art/new thought/new page!

    BRAVO! I too love the clean template! Very chic!

  7. I love the idea. I love this photo of lacy shadow. Great way you think. I would enjoy posts like this but most important if you would enjoy it.

  8. Cindy:

    I love the idea. If you don't want/have time to maintain an entirely separate blog, you could make "the bashful" photographer a running feature on Quaint. Just a thought. Either way, I'd definitely love to see it on a regular basis.

  9. well, if this photo is any indication, you're off to a marvelous start! i, too, like the clean template. it's a perfect background for photos.

    i'll follow one or both, whatever you decide :)

  10. I think your blog is gorgeous! It's always fun to mix it up! We'll all still visit :)

  11. wow, thank you so much ladies!

    one day with two blogs and i'm ready for the funny farm. i might play with this a bit, but i think i'll stay put on quaint for now. maybe, october will be 'haiku' month? say it in three lines, or don't say it at all ;).

    your points about 'enjoying it' are excellent.

  12. Oh, Cindy! This is such a beautiful photograph... and you know, we will take your photography seriously no matter where it is! :) Wonderful....

  13. This is a beautiful picture. The shades and the shadows


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